Our Mission


Mission Statement: 

To make performance more accessible to our region by providing professional artistic opportunities and building partnerships that foster deeper engagement.

Artistic Vision:

We believe that theatre and dance are relevant when they respond to the immediate needs and desires of the local community. We will engage our community with risk, delight, and attention to provide quality entertainment that speaks to our shared humanity. 

Cast of  Gold Hill Samurai  acknowledging our audience. Photo by  Sarah Bennett

Cast of Gold Hill Samurai acknowledging our audience. Photo by Sarah Bennett

We believe:

  • That a vibrant arts culture helps to foster healthy communities and strong local economies

  • That we can and should make work by and for our community

  • That we can and should work to foster better opportunities and healthy modes of artistic expression for the youth.

  • That we can and should work to tell stories that matter, to give voice to all members of our community, inclusive of gender, sexuality, race, spiritual belief, and background

  • In the value of live performance when it is accessible to everyone


Arts Programming

Live Productions

One of See The Elephant’s primary goals as a new company is to produce dynamic, powerful, and delightful theatre and dance performances in the local area. El Dorado County is a mostly-rural and geographically spread out area with limited access to live arts experiences. See The Elephant is working to become a force of change to ignite the arts here and bring more variety to the performing arts scene.

See The Elephant has produced and hosted these productions since 2018:

  • A Solo gold-rush Era show entitled T.W. Wellington’s Great American Play by Jamie Van Camp

  • Jane Doe in Wonderland, a touring anti-sex trafficking play

  • Trojan Women at El Dorado High School, Studio 81

  • The Lumberjack’s Dove touring show with special performers and musical guest, Merrygold

  • IMPRINTS dance performance tackling issues of violence against women

  • Cloront, a dream play at El Dorado High School, Studio 81

  • Gold Hill Samurai an original play about the life of Okei and early Japanese settlers in California

Arts Education

In an effort to broaden opportunities for people of all ages to participate in the performing arts, See The Elephant offers arts education in the local region. Some of our main arts education projects have been with El Dorado High School, Studio 81 theater program. As teaching artists we have been able to offer professional-level experiences to high school students.

We are currently working to partner with more local schools to offer more performing arts opportunities. Additionally, we off theater and dance training outside of the school system.


Collaborations and Outreach

See The Elephant is excited to continue creating collaborative relationships with the many incredible organizations that exist in the El Dorado County community to create relevant and transformative performing arts experiences. Collaborations and outreach projects help us in our mission to make performing arts more accessible to more people in this region.

Collaborations and outreach programs can include exposure to a performing arts experience for those that do not normally go and see plays, workshops geared towards those who have limited access to performing arts, or long-term projects in which a performative or artistic product is reached. We always investigate these potential projects with a deep care for community members and a sensitivity towards telling all stories, especially those that are lesser known or understood.