T.W. Wellington


t.w. wellington

Is a solo theatre performance created by Jamie Van Camp. This production was developed during his Grant with Theatre Communications Group, and year-long residency at Dell’Arte International. It was performed in Placerville, CA Fall of 2017 during the first Applecore FRINGE Festival. The show explores archetypes of Western American ideology. Jamie plays the snake oil salesman, T.W. Wellington who comes to sell goods but realizes the potential of telling American success stories. Thru mask and shadow puppetry these stories are embodied and take a life of their own, revealing more than the fabled successes.

This show is in re-development and we hope to present it again in El Dorado County

The masks in this show were designed by Tony Fuemmeler, and the shadow puppetry created by Jamie Van Camp, Gabriela Haught, and Pratik Motwani.