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From Commedia workshop at El Dorado High School

From Commedia workshop at El Dorado High School

COMMedia dell' arte

The root of Commedia Dell’Arte still exists all around us in the entertainment we see today. In a way, it can be considered one of the oldest forms of improvisational and sketch comedy (dating back to the 16th Century) but with a more physical approach. Outrageous characters in silly situations involved in screwball and slapstick antics. In this class, students will learn the basics of Commedia, exploring mask & the archetypal characters that are the base of this form, and learning improvisation & physical comedy skills.

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acting workshop

(Teens-Adults) Acting is a craft that takes practice and work like any other art form. The actor must be willing to find what perspective they bring to the text and ways to connect with their partners on stage. This class will introduce students to acting for theatre and what it takes to perform stories live for an audience. Students will be introduced to the fundamental practices a professional actor utilizes to perform on stage with confidence and openness. We will work in collaboration to search together how to create memorable work. This class is also good for actors with some experience who just want to improve their skills and practice with others.


funny bone

(Teens-Adults) To make others laugh can be one of the greatest thrills in life. The ability to bring joy and laughter in the world is often in high demand. Unfortunately, the task is harder than it looks. This class examines human resilience and the comic depth of clown; to risk playing and find a humorous perspective of the world. This is great for anyone who loves comedy and wants to learn what it takes to be funny!