Casting Call- Gold Hill Samurai.

See The Elephant is searching for an actor in the local region (El Dorado County-Sacramento) to play a lead role in our upcoming production of Gold Hill Samurai. This play will be presented during the Wakamatsu 150th Anniversary Festival in June, a celebration of Japanese Arts & Culture.

The part we are casting for is a Female, 20s-30s that will portray ‘Oyo’ as well as ‘Okei San’s Mother’. Oyo is a strong, matriarchal presence & a samurai herself. She is among the first Japanese colonists in California. Married to John Henry Schnell, a former arms dealer who helps the Japanese colonists build the historic Wakamatsu Tea & Silk Farm.

The script & rehearsal schedule are available upon request. Please contact . This is a paid acting role.