IMPRINTS at The Applecore Fringe Festival '18

This September Co-founder of See The Elephant, Tiffany Van Camp & collaborators Cleo DeOrio & Olivia Schlanger presented a new dance work, IMPRINTS at the Applecore Fringe Festival. IMPRINT centers around the topic of violence against women, including sexual assault & domestic abuse as well as intimate partner violence.

Some of our favorite responses from IMPRINTS:

Dear See the Elephant, Dear Performers,
Thank you so so much for this amazing moving experience. So precocious, so needed for both men and women to continue their path to maturity of the soul and psyche… such a real, honest, alive, vulnerable soulful expression of feminine. It felt as if magic was present in the room. As if these three women of different shapes and forms, are actually healers who graced us with precocious medicine for the feminine sexuality. Making it what it really is - sacred.
Thank you so so much and please keep doing your amazing work!

-Ira Kotlik-Konev (Clinical Psychologist & Dancer)

“Your show was amazing and moving and important and I can't wait to see where you go with it in the future! I'm so glad I got to see it.”

-Casey Ellis (Performer and film maker)

The IMPRINTS ensemble is now raising funds and planning how to reach a broader audience.