One of See The Elephant's primary goals is to create partnerships with existing organizations in our community. The performing arts can help enhance many of the services that these organizations already provide. Establishing relationships like these also helps us bring theatre arts to more people within our community, resulting in more exposure to the arts, and more representation & participation within the arts. 


Wakamatsu 150th anniversary festival

Wakamatsu Farm is the site of the 1st Japanese colony in the United States. In June of 2019, Wakamatsu will invite the community to celebrate its 150th Anniversary. See The Elephant, in collaboration with American River Conservancy and El Dorado Arts Council, will create an original play based on the history of Wakamatsu and the life of Okei San.


Catie & Maggie from Collaborative Playwriting, working on a new script

Catie & Maggie from Collaborative Playwriting, working on a new script

Arts education, with el dorado high school

See The Elephant is thrilled to announce that El Dorado Arts Council has received an Arts Education grant from the California Arts Council. See The Elephant will teach a course on “Collaborative Playwriting”. Over the course of the school year teaching artists will spend two long-term sessions with students, culminating in a new student-written play and public performances. The goal of this project is to foster students' understanding of the role of performing arts within community, and to develop the basics of ensemble theatre-making.